Getting to Know Co-Host, Bob Finigan

Getting to Know Co-Host, Bob Finigan

In this episode, Sarah interviews her co-host Bob about his decades of experience in marketing and brand strategy. His consumer experience working within different product industries, including those in the health and wellness space give him insight into the current world of social media and social commerce surrounding the CBD and Hemp industry. Sarah and Bob discuss what consumers are dealing with right now and how things have changed in the last 10-15 years. Tune in as Bob and Sarah discuss how to navigate creating an authentic business opportunity with products that can be trusted online.


  • [00:35] Sarah introduces the topics for today’s interview with Bob.
  • [02:00] Sarah talks about her passion for the consumer experience, buying habits and all things involved with the movement of goods and services.
  • [03:00] How the shopping industry used to be a consumer experience, and how it has completely changed in the last 10-15 years.
  • [04:50] Bob talks about his experience working with Aeropostale as a mall-based brand.
  • [08:46] How social media has replaced a lot of social interactions and experiences.
  • [17:00] Bob talks about the new need for social commerce.
  • [25:00] It is important to align your cause and purpose with your core values.
  • [34:15] Bob and Sarah get nostalgic about brands and products that were established in their childhood.


  • There's a need for social commerce, connectivity and personalization in business today.
  • Physical stores are turning into flagships for consumer experience, where you can sample, see, try, touch, and feel products.
  • Big brands are turning to social-cause marketing to affect consumer perception.
  • Bob and Sarah are creating an authentic business opportunity with CBD products that actually help people, which support the cause and mission they care most about.


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